DolphinLeadership, Inc.The name DolphinLeadership, Inc. was chosen for our firm because dolphins, and the way they interact with each other and humans, are a perfect metaphor for what we do with individuals, teams, and organizations. There are specifically two behaviors that dolphins execute regularly that inspired us to name our firm the way we did; the first behavior is "Organic Leadership", and the second is "Leading Ships to Safe Harbor".

Dolphin Leadership Dolphins are highly intelligent social creatures. Leadership within the pod is without rank or seniority. Leadership is shown through inspiration, passion, and movement that is fluid and organic; and can change to meet the needs of a particular environment or situation. In a moment, leadership can shift from one dolphin to another, without hesitation or resistance. This shifting is dynamic and egoless. As a new dolphin takes the leader, the one that was leading becomes a fully engaged follower, or what we call, "a particular leader ready to step in as inspiration and passion are once again harnessed.

Leadership works best when people are able to manage and lead themselves. When that happens, everyone is a full participant in organic leadership.

Leading Ships to safe harbor Over the centuries there have been countless reports of dolphins guiding ships through difficult and challenging patches of water into safe harbor. We like this metaphor at DolphinLeadership Inc. because it aptly describes what we do. We think of our clients as captains of their own ships, at the helm and in command. Perhaps you or your organization has set some challenging goals or are in a difficult time, or transition. We don't want to take the helm away from you; we simply want to be a guide, to help you find your own way into safe harbor, in command and at the helm.

The DolphinLeadership Team develops custom training programs to address your specific challenges and helps you meet and exceed your goals.










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