Pat's coaching directly aided me in obtaining my present position at the Cleveland Clinic. Without his guidance, I would not have this position. I have worked with 3 other coaches, and Pat is the best in my experience. His insights and suggestions are practical and provide clear direction." ~William Welches, DO Cleveland Clinic

"Working with Elizabeth for nearly 2 years has been an enlightening experience! Her professional competence contributed to getting to the heart many matters. I was exposed to new personal development tools, gained new insights and most importantly, greater clarity about who I am." ~V. Oswal, CIS, Mellon Capital Management

"Pat has a unique way of really seeing people. Just by being 'witnessed' and 'watched' by him made me (dare) develop as a person. He's the coach for people who are ready to be very challenged and build their life on solid ground." ~Suzanne Dahlerus, IBM, Stockholm, Sweden

"I am always amazed by the amount of clarity and peace that I walk away with after speaking with Elizabeth. She has helped me listen to my 'wise' self, in making decisions ]that are best for me, while still being able to operate in the harried existence of corporate America. It continues to blow my mind that I am able to develop such a true and real connection with Elizabeth each time we speak." ~Andrea Scott, Director of HR, StudySmart, Inc.

"Pat is non judgmental and unconditional in his support. He is exceptionally bright and insightful. He is also very funny and extremely intuitive. He is kind and incredibly challenging. He has great integrity and is extremely professional in his work as a coach." ~Kate Jones, Consultant, Manchester, England

"Elizabeth has a very intuitive and direct approach that can help you face the 800 pound gorilla head-on with confidence and resolve. She was able to help me crystallize my thoughts and create an action plan that got results. I wish I found her years ago."
~T. O'Neill, entrepreneur, artist

"Pat and Elizabeth helped our team recognize our individual communication styles, as well as how to work more effectively with other styles. Their honesty and humor was very effective with our staff and simultaneously modeled their own complementary ways of communicating. They also helped us recognize the impacts of rapid change on our organization.
Our team now knows that change is stimulating as well as unsettling, and with the help of DolphinLeadership we are adapting to change and communicating with each other more effectively."
~Francesca Bertone, COO, PAX Scientific


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