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Pat leads seminars and workshops throughout the US, Europe, and the Middle East, training people to be internal and external coaches, while uncovering people's natural leadership style. Pat is one of handful of leaders who delivers the top rated Co-Active leadership program. As a coach of executives, managers, and entrepreneurs, Pat helps discover what is most powerful in each person as a leader. This has a profound effect on people and their organizations. His gift is to be able to focus on ways to stimulate both personal and group excellence. He seeks to transform something that's often already good - into something that's great.

Pat's insight, energy and humor create openings for people to look at themselves from different perspectives. From there they may choose a more powerful direction for growth. Pat's work empowers individuals and organizations to take the kind of actions that are in-line with the legacy they wish to leave. Pat and his family will embark on a sailing trip around the world in the fall of 2008. Sailing has been a passion of his since his early years. His dream to sail around the world while coaching and inspiring others to pursue their passions and dreams is quickly becoming a reality. This event will be a metaphor for his clients; to lead a life of inspiration and passion, a life of courage and leadership, a life of conscious actions and intentional states of being that lead to fulfillment.


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Elizabeth is a pioneer in the coaching profession and was one of the first coaches certified through the International Coach Federation. She works with individuals and organizations to create more of what they want more easily. Elizabeth is best known for her 'out of the box' thinking, insight, and vision. She enjoys partnering with her clients and challenging them to discover what it means to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Elizabeth believes that Coaching is a powerful partnership that gives individuals, managers, executives, and team members more access to their personal and collective power. In her work with DolphinLeadership, Elizabeth has been a visionary in discovering the elements that are necessary for people to augment their leadership prowess. She knows that being an effective leader is in many ways an 'inside out' job and her coaching helps people discover, hone, and sharpen their own unique leader style.


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